The Lott Foodstore

Indulge in Local Produce at Our Café in Cooma

The Lott Food store is a café and restaurant in Cooma, located in the pristine Snowy Mountains region.

We serve a wide variety of seasonal fresh food and coffee that is locally sourced. Customers come from far and wide to try our delicious dishes and we have been a regular in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Guide since we opened in 2002.

Part of the Local Community

We are a proud member of the Coomaand Snowy Mountains community. Cooma is well known for:

  • Seriously good coffee- served to our customers at our cafe every day of the week
  • Being the birthplace of Olympic gold and silver medallist, snowboarder Torah Bright
  • Superb and healthy fresh, local produce - like the fine food we use in all our dishes
  • The magic atmosphere of The Snowy Mountains - reflected in the rustic nature of our café, a 120 year old refurbished woodshed cafe with cool music and decor

The reason many skiers, hikers, bikers, horse riders and local farmers and families enjoy the food at The Lott so much, is because it’s SO fresh and healthy.

Why Does the Good Food Guide Rave about the Cafe at The Lott?

We have been a regular part of the good food guide for many years. As well as this, we are a member of the NSW Restaurant and Caterers Association. Here are some of the reasons our products are loved around the country:

  • We serve well-craftedcoffee that is made locally in Canberra with the best beans by ONA coffee
  • The produce we serve is produced locally from the Snowy Mountains and it is seasonal, meaning its always different and always fresh
  • We have no pre-made products - everything from our jams to our burgers are the real deal
  • The sourdough is baked by our good friends is extra delicious - definitely worth a shot
  • The local produce like eggs, meat, berries and coffee is fresh and extra delicious too
Jars and bottles for best food and drink

Core Trading Hours

We’re open 7 days a week serving the best food and drink that Cooma has to offer.

Mon - Thu: 7:30am - 3:30pm
Fri: 7:30am - 4:00pm
Sat & Sun: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Experience our coffee, our menu and our famous atmosphere. Call us on 02 6452 1414 or visit the café today!